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Clients - Office Systems


Worked in the test department of the IBM Software Development Lab preparing test scripts for Office Vision and Personal AS. These are GUI-based integrated office packages which combine databases, report generators, electronic mail, etc. Responsible for the execution of test scripts and negotiation of error reporting and enhancements with the development team. Provided support for IBM users of the product.

Hewlett Packard

Worked as part of a new team of independent testers. Developed test specifications for Hewlett Packard's Openmail server, discussed and agreed these with the developers of the product, and then developed automated tests using UNIX shell scripts. Undertook a project to develop the testing strategy and environment for message routing between several PC client GUI 'front ends' using Openmail servers on different Unix platforms.


Worked for the Admin and Logistics End-User Computing Department, providing new systems for use by the A & L function. These included an intranet system to log and monitor progress of enhancement requests, bug fixes etc., a system providing an early warning of out-of-stock situations for the warehouses and a system for calculating discount to customers based on previous purchases.

Designed and implemented an intranet interface to the product pricing database. This interface enables external customers and sales staff to use the database as an on-line price book.

Undertook the analysis, design and development of an intranet Conference Room Booking system for the Facilities Management Group. This allowed the on-line booking of meeting or conference rooms at any site. This role entailed close liaison with the end-user community, including training and initial support duties.

Analysis, design and development of a "retail store" database to provide an ad-hoc reporting capability to end-users as part of an Effort Recording application. This entailed detailed discussion with the end-user community, analysis of their requirements and the design of the database and application to meet those requirements.

Worked on a system for crediting sales people for orders received. Responsible for all aspects of the development life-cycle and provided user training and telephone support.

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