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Clients - Defence / Real-Time


Worked on the GWS26 MOD2 SEAWOLF missile firing system, responsible for design changes in the modules responsible for the application's job scheduling and the man/machine interface.

Worked on the DISPLAYS team of the CACS project, which provides a command and control system for Type 23 frigates. Designed and implemented the configuration control of display data and produced utilities to this end. Designed and produced off-line tools for the production of display data. Led a team in the concurrent production of screen data for three separate CACS systems and organised integration into phases of system builds.

Worked on the GEOGRAPHICS project for the M.o.D., which provides displays of maps and associated data for tactical planning, responsible for the networking tasks, the file handling and database management parts of the application. Designed and developed an automatic recovery for the network and designed a high-level interface to an existing TANDEM-based system in order to cross-reference the data held on the two systems.

GEC Marconi

Working from informal guidelines designed and produced software to simulate sub-sea telemetry devices for an off-shore oil rig control system. The software ran on a PDP-11 and communicated in real-time with the host control system. Undertook testing of the product at program and system level.

Designed and produced enhancements to the simulation software from the previous contract with GEC Avionics. Designed and coded a control system for use in testing sub-sea equipment, which performed backup system operation and enabled a controlled system close down in cases of major system failure. Also wrote a communications monitoring package, produced and ran test scripts for factory acceptance tests, and undertook program and system level testing of all these packages.

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